View Full Version : Anybody else having cpu useage issues withcurrentSoftsqueeze? (2.0a16)

2005-03-28, 13:38
Sounds like your machine might be having some Java problems. My cpu hovers
around 6-9% on the JavaW process which I believe is used by Softsqueeze.
RAM used is about 70M (which seems like a lot).

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> currentSoftsqueeze? (2.0a16)
> Hi all,
> Still having problems with current softsqueeze using 100%
> cpu? (just downloaded the latest nightly of slimserver in
> case it would make a difference).
> This is pretty much making softsqueeze unuseable for me as my
> computer slows to a crawl whenever it's on (starts off ok but
> slowly consumes more and more memory up to 64mb and 100%).
> Thanks for any help,
> Daniel