View Full Version : Internet Radio Dropouts

Scott Bennett
2005-03-27, 09:55
I have been having a recurring problem with internet radio streams since
about the time I went to 5.1. Every 2 minutes or so, I get a drop in the
stream. Watching buffer fullness, it starts at about 70%, then gradually
drops down to 0%, where it shuts off for a couple seconds, then starts
over again at 70%. This happens with many different streams in different
formats and bitrates. (I'm trying to listen to KCRW right now.) This
never used to happen, and it is now making the internet radio feature
very difficult to use.

The streams themselves play fine on my local computer, so the problem
isn't with the streams. My local music also plays fine, so my network
presumably isn't the problem.

Is this a known problem? Is there any setting I can change to improve it?

I'm on 5.4.1, SB1, wireless connection about 70% quality, WinXP, no
bitrate limiting.

Thanks for any help,