View Full Version : Chipmunks are back!

Chris Saunders
2005-03-27, 03:35
Using same RPM on URLWizter 1.99 (199.iso). SoftSqueeze run on a Windows XP
Pro box as well.


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Subject: [slim] Chipmunks are back!

Using slimserver-03-26-1.noarch.rpm, Fedora Core 2, kernel 770.

Listening to internet radio with softsqueeze (2.0b1 came with 3/26
nightly) and I heard chipmunks. Listening to the same station via
squeezebox does not exhibit the same behavior (it plays normally).

I've got Java Version 1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_02-b09) with the mp3 plug-in on
Windows XP Pro. I'm not sure what other info is needed.

Looking forward to Monday's release!