View Full Version : Squeezebox 1 + Slimserver 6b3 unusable

Peter Pouliot
2005-03-26, 15:05
So folks,
I need some help and I'm just about ready to call it quits.

My squeezebox constantly reboots. It reboots while playing goes through
the setup and starts playing at the begining of the song it died at. It
does this all the time. Just about during every song. Sometimes it
will play through a whole song however it will then reboot at the
begining of the next. I've been reduced to moving my slimp3 to my
stereo and using a hard wire.
I've put the squeezebox on a ups. Moved AP closer. Didn't switch to
hardwire however.

I have enterprise level network equipment, I hightly doubt it's my
network infrastructure.

Cisco 2940 switch for hardwire, Orinoco AP600/AP500 for 802.11b network
which was only used by the squeezebox. (was hoping to add more, but now
not sure)

My backend slimserver is running 6.0 nightly from the 24th. I've been
upgrading because I've been following the posts and allong the way
people who also have had similar problems and followed the suggestions
in thier posts. I need to run slimserver 6 because the back end db has
become necessary because of my large ammount of music. (25000 tracks
1500 albums)
My server hardware started out as a via epia 800 however it is now on a
dual proc G4 which I moved to because of performance issues on the

I've also noticed the following. My SLIMP3 will skip when I access the
web interface.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If someone could also tell me what to
log. I will gladly do so and just let it play to generate stats.

Thanks for the help.