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2005-03-26, 03:05
Sounds great! It's still not working in the 2005-03-26, but i'll try again


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Emne: [slim] Special character problem in 6.0 (latest nightly)

* Peter shaped the electrons to say...

>When I scan and read all my music-files and everything is perfect, but
>when I add (or include) with this content:
>D:\Music\Magi I Luften - 1985\2\14 - Lis Sørensen - Mine Øjne De Skal
>It results in this result when I browse it from the web-interface:
>14. Lis S?en - Mine ?jne De Skal Se (Magi I Luften - 1985) from 2
>The file that the playlist is refering to is already in the database,
>but it seems that slimserver converts the playlist entry wrongly (The
>file is ANSI, not UTF8). After I've browsed the playlist the slim
>database is wrong, under albums there's a wrong empty entry named "2"
>and under artists i find "Magi I Luften - 1985"

This sounds similar to bug http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1139

I've been working up a patch for this - it should be in tonight after a bit
more testing.

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