View Full Version : no playlists ??

Justin Kington
2005-03-25, 11:20
Dear all,

I would appreciate any help with this problem. I have been using
slimserver over a wireless system on a Mac for a long time and never
had any problems. I recently upgraded to Slimserver 6 and it would not
connect to my Slimp3 device. Therefore I reinstalled 5.4.1. Since
reinstallation everything works fine but my itunes playlists do not
show up.

My music files are on a separate hard disk but my itunes library is
consolidated and this has never caused any problems previously. My xml
file is still in the main iTunes directory on my internal harddisk. I
have tried asking slimserver to find itunes automatically or with
manual locations - still no luck. I have also rescanned many times !

Any comments / suggestions gratefully received.


Justin Kington