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Tom Schmidt
2005-03-24, 22:34
I'm on 5.4.0, did you check-in the change to 6.x or 5.x?



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* Tom Schmidt shaped the electrons to say...

>This feature doesn't work like I'd expect it to. If I go into iTunes and
>uncheck a file that the slim server has in its music list slim server does
>not pickup the change and remove the song from the list. I have to rescan
>the library to get the song removed. I would expect that it removes
>unchecked songs from the list the same way it adds new songs or removes
>deleted songs, without having to rescan. Is this a bug or is this how the
>feature should work?

Tom - what version of the server are you using?

I checked in a change yesterday that removes the track from our DB if it's
been disabled in iTunes.

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