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Patrick Dixon
2005-03-24, 13:46
I had a problem with this using RPM on FC3.

I ran the RPM installation as 'root' and so it created the slimserver.db and
slimserversql.db files in /root/ and the cachedir at

But the default FC3 permissions won't let user 'slimserver' read or write in
/root so the slimserver daemon always failed on start.

I had to play around with /root/ permissions to get it to work.

(I thought I was meant to install as 'root'?)

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Quoting Jason Diamond <jason (AT) injektilo (DOT) org>:

> On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 12:07 -0800, kdf wrote:
> > edit cachedir in the prefs file ~/slimserver.pref
> > or start with slimserver.pl --cachedir
> I just looked in my ~/slimserver.pref file and I see this line:
> cachedir = /home/jason
> Is that option being "combined" with another option so that the full
> path is ending up being /home/jason/home/jason/SlimServer_v6.0b3? I'm
> not able to see something that might be a likely suspect in my pref
> file.

the tempalte creates an absolute tree. Thus if your cachedir is
and yoru slimserver files are located in /home/jason/Slimserver_v6.03/HTML,
then this is what you see.

if you had installed slimserver in a /usr/local/slimserver (as the RPM
youd see a cachedir that looked like: /home/jason/usr/local/slimserver/...