View Full Version : Slim Devices SB2 disappointment & SB for sale.

Dave Owen
2005-03-23, 13:29
>>Were you transcoding FLAC to uncompressed PCM?
>Oh. Ah. Er. Ahem. Well, now I have to go home and try that, don't I?

Okay, I went home and tried it -- installed flac for RedHat 7.3 (and
libogg to match), unchecked flac->mp3 encoding (leaving flac->pcm
checked) and looped a 44100 stereo 16bit flac file. Then I started
running a server mail log analysis program, hitting my local web server
php-mySQL pages, and downloading a file from sun's web site. No skips,
no hiccups. I'll try this again with SETI installed and running, since
there's nothing better for cranking up the CPU...

Incidentally, the CPU load (according to top) for slimserver.pl and flac
never seemed to go above 10% combined.