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David & Renee MacDonald
2005-03-22, 22:09
That is what I am looking for


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Or to change the drive letter in your playlists, just use find and
in your favourite text editor.

Programmers File Editor or Textpad for example.

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> If you are using XP, and it does that sometimes, go to control panel
> ADministrative Tools -> Computer Management. Choose "Disk Management"
> the left. Bring the cursol to your music drive, right click, then
> Drive Letter and Paths". You can change the drive letter to whatever
> want to make it, and hope that will stay that way!
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> Is there any simple way of changing the drive letter of songs in a
> playlist en masse. I reformatted my hard drive and the new set up
> renamed the drives differently and now my playlists won't work.
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