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Alan Parkyn
2005-03-22, 17:02
Hi Jules,

Thanks for the tips - I'll let you know if I make a break-through.


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Hi Alan.

If you want to stream BBC radio, then you'll need a copy of AlienBBC.
It's available from: http://www.mrtickle.org/alienbbc.html

However... I do have to confess - we've never tried running AlienBBC on
a linkstation... and I'm not totally sure it will be easy.

The only main piece you'll need (in addition to thinks like 'lame'
potentially working), is 'mplayer' working. Again, this is something
we don't package... and I've absolutely no idea if anybody has ever even

TRIED to make that work.

Sorry if that's not the most helpful answer in the world. I do wish you
the very best of luck, though... and if you do make it work - I'd
love to hear from you!

-- Jules

Alan Parkyn wrote:

> Hi there,
> Ogg Vorbis problem:
> I'm a Squeezebox newbie running 5.4.1 on a 250GB Buffalo LinkStation
> (thanks SO much to Marc D. Field for his project notes
> http://fieldnetworks.com/slim/linkstation.html and plenty of
> post-project help, nice chap and patient!) but I have one problem - I
> can't play my Ogg Vorbis files.
> When I try from the Squeezebox/SoftSqueeze it starts saying it will
> play the file and then comes back with a message saying 'Can't Open
> When running SlimServer software direct from the LinkStation via HTML
> on my Windows XP PC and I try and select the Ogg Vorbis options
> (Server Settings/File Types)I get the following error:
> "File Format Conversions 10:
> Setting was changed.
> File Format Conversions 11:
> Setting was changed.
> Required binary was not found: [oggdec] -Q -o - -R $FILE$ | [lame] --
> resample 44100 -q $QUALITY$ --silent -b $BITRATE$ -r -x - -
> Required binary was not found: [oggdec] -Q -o - -R $FILE$"
> This happens whatever version of SlimServer I download (5.4.1, 5.4.x
> or any of v6.0) although it was never a problem when I originally
> installed SlimmServer & ran it from my PC can someone help please?
> I've scanned as much as I can and I think it has something to do with
> the convert.conf file but where do I find this and how do I edit it?
> (I'd appreciate a real idiots guide (keystrokes file locations etc. as

> I'm a novice - even though I've installed new LinkStation Perl
> versions and created files and utilities in 'vi'!!)
> All my music is in Ogg Vorbis so this is really important to me.
> BBC Radio
> Is there any way I can stream BBC radio (specifically 5 Live) to my
> Squeezebox through my LinkStation? I read that creating an m3u file
> would do the trick but a) I don't know if I've created the file
> correctly and b) I don't know where to install it to test it - anyone
> tried this?
> Thanks for any help with the two issues.
> Kind regards,
> Alan.