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Manuel Rathmann
2005-03-22, 16:24
Thanks for the feedback but given the constant dropouts I had I am not yet
willing to change
back to the latest build of version 6...

Anyway I assume my question will be valid for V6 as well-
is there anyway to start Slimserver.exe or Slim.exe silently/minimized in
the background as
an alternative to having to run it as a service? As mentioned previously I
could not
find any command line options etc. that would allow to do this. But I cannot
imagine such a
basic thing would not be possible given all the rest that my Slimbox allows
me to do...


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> - Version 6 seems to consider more tags than the previous version. All
> of a sudden
> my "browe by Artist" showed up Artists I never heared of. Keep in
> mind that ITunes
> showed everything correct. I found out that some of my MP3s had tags
> like "Composer"
> which were considered as well as "Artist".

this is one of the problem I reported in bug 1133 and in a message below:

"...there is still one issue on the Squeezebox itself. If you do Browse
>Browse Genres->select one genre-> then instead of seing a list of
>Artists in
this genre I actually see a list of Artists AND Composers! Note the server
setting is "Don't include composer, band and orchestra in artists".

With the latest nightly of 6.0 this behaviour is now only in Browse by
genres (browser by Artist is correct now).