View Full Version : More flac playback over wireless data

Simon @ Home
2005-03-22, 13:48
> > file server, slimserver and Squeezebox are all independantly and
> > wirelessly connected to my adsl/router/firewall/hub.
> OUCH!!! this isn't going to work. If your slimserver is
> mounting its music folder from another (also wireless)
> machine, this means your data is hitting the airwaves a total
> of FOUR times ie 6 Mbps total bandwidth usage!>
> file server -> access point -> slim server -> access point ->
> squeezebox>
> You need to get those computers on ethernet with the access
> point. Then the only traffic on wireless is:>
> access point -> squeezebox

Thanks Sean.
I am aware of that, but I currently live in listed building (called The
Hobbits Rest) which I do not own. The only phone point is in the lounge
(very near the Squeezebox) so I am a bit stuck. However, I am actually
surprised at how infrequent the drop outs are with this set up. For now I
have gone back to MP3s and radio (which appear to work fine). I'll leave the
flacs till I buy a house high enough for me to stand up in (hopefully before
I develop a permananent stoop).

Simon Turner
The Hobbits Rest