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Michael Haan
2005-03-22, 08:28
I don't remember the exact command, but something like id3v2 -l 11_*.flac came back:


No tags found

Or something like that.  Most of these files (they're all flac) were ripped/tagged with dbPowerAMP and slimserver seems to be able to pull them out.  So i just figured this tool (id3v2) was having issues reading them.

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>On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 22:39:48 -0500, Michael Haan

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> > Can anyone recommend a good command-line tagger (I'm already using abcde to

> > rip - just need something to use for the occasional fix).  I've tried

> > audiotool, id3v2 and id3tool but they don't seem to read the existing tags.


>id3v2 works perfectly for me - what do you mean by not reading the

>existing tags?

>It does for me - were your mp3's tagged with ape? I don't believe it

>understands ape tags - but it should work fine with existing ID3V1 or

>ID3V2 tags.





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