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2005-03-22, 00:21
Hi Ian

Yes, there is! I am the writer of the followme
script, but I also wrote a plugin doing exactly
what you would like to do. I named it: QuickAccess

You'll find it on my website in the software

You can either start a playlist by pressing one
of the buttons on the remote or you can transfer
the current playlist from one player to another.


--- Ian Whalley <inw-slimp3-users (AT) whalley (DOT) org> wrote:
> Is there a pre-existing way to transfer a currently
> playing stream/playlist/'session' from one player to
> another? Now that I'm using my SLIMP3s, and future
> SB2s, more and more for Internet Radio of various
> types, I'm finding myself wanting to be able to tell
> the player (for example) in the living room to pull
> the
> session from the player in the basement and continue
> playing it locally.
> Thanks;
> inw
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