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Ben Galanti
2005-03-21, 21:21
> From: Dan Sully <dan (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>
> Date: March 21, 2005 11:30:28 AM EST
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> Subject: [slim] Slight skip five seconds into playing a song
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> * Ben Galanti shaped the electrons to say...
>> I'm with you Glyn. I was having the same problem yesterday. I came
>> upstairs to check the server and found that I had left my browser
>> open to the Slimserver webpage. The playlist side of the webpage was
>> being updated when the song switched to show the right information,
>> and that was causing the skip. I think this dovetails with the other
>> posts going
> Ben - what skin are you using? I assume the server has finished
> scanning?
> OS & version?

I think I've sent this to you before, but just in case it got lost in
the ether somewhere. I've had this with the Default, Fishbone, and
Light skins, those are all I've tried though. As far as I know the
server is done scanning. The perl process is only using a few percent
of the CPU when the player is stopped, at least. This is running 6.0b3
on MacOS X 10.3.5.

I tried having AAC transcoded to MP3 instead of AIFF tonight. That did
seem to cure the dropouts. There was still a bit of a buffer dip when
the page was reloading, but not enough to drain it like with AIFF
streaming. Of course, there was the extra server load of LAME and my
machine seemed noticeably less responsive. Interestingly (at least to
me) the perl process itself took a considerably lower percentage of the
CPU when streaming MP3 when compared to streaming AIFF (1-3% versus
10-15% respectively) I don't know if that helped with the server side
dropouts or not.


> Thanks.
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