View Full Version : Slim Devices SB2 disappointment & SB for sale.

Dave Owen
2005-03-21, 19:10
>>>Phil, you CERTAINLY have enough hardware for this!
>> I'll second that. I -was- running 5.4.1 on e-smith (redhat7.3-based)
>> server on a Pentium 3-500mhz that also serves as firewall, NAT, and
>> web/file/mail server, and had an occasional hiccup if someone hit the

>> web server while I was listening to music. Once I kicked up to an
>> 800mhz Pentium 3 with 512mb of memory and SOFTWARE Raid (so CPU
>> intensive), I haven't had any hiccups -- and music scanning is very
>> quick, to boot...
>Were you transcoding FLAC to uncompressed PCM?

Oh. Ah. Er. Ahem. Well, now I have to go home and try that, don't I?