View Full Version : Low Bitrate Streams Playing Fast in SoftSqueeze 2.0

2005-03-21, 17:39
I noticed this today after getting PublicRadioFanBrowser working over the
weekend. All NPR streams are playing fine through the plugin to the
Slimp3s in my house, but SoftSqueeze is speeding them up to chipmunk
speeds. Most of the NPR streams are 24kps, I don't know if that is the
problem. The following is an typical stream that I am having a problem
with. I don't think it is a problem with the plugin since I get the same
audio output if I put the following url in the Internet Radio 'Tune in
Now' field in the WebUI:


I am currently using the 3-21-05 Nighly of both SlimServer v6.0b3 and
SoftSqueeze v2.0a14 on a Fedora 3 system.

Let me know if any additional information would be helpful or if I should
file this as a bug so it doesn't get lost.

Tom Malsbury