View Full Version : Slimserver stop playing and there at lots of errormessages

Nalle Johansson
2005-03-21, 12:17
Server: dual Xeon 2.3, 1 Gb RAM
OS: w2k server
Players: 11 Slimdevice 1

I have problems with lots of things after upgrade to 6.x
and now I run 6.0 b3.

Music with swedish character in filename would not play at
all in 6.0 b1 - an error was printed on the devicebut now
with 6.0 b3 it print right filename on the slimdevices but
with bad character instead of our swedish ones (åäö).

When editing my playlists created in 5.4.1 swedish
character are not shown - other chars are displayed - not
the same as in the problem above.

All my players sometimes stops playing and the following
are displayed at the server:
getpeername() on closed socket GEN1544 at
/PerlApp/IO/Socket.pm line 206.
but there is at least 4-500 lines like this one.... (the
GENxxxx is changing)

The same command that I have run before aganinst the CLI
isn´t working anymore - cant fint the playlists. Is there a
change in CLI ore in what way the slimserver finds the

When starting slim.exe i got:
Use of uninitialized value in substitution iterator at
/PerlApp/URI.pm line 76 <GEN20> line xxx
where lines are changing between 3,7,20,43,45,5, 40,77

Bästa hälsningar/Best Regards
Nalle Johansson