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Patrick Dixon
2005-03-21, 12:06
Just checking my 'test' database:

I actually have 24 albums with 285 tracks (as counted by Tag&Rename & me) by 20 artists.
SS reports 25 albums with 351 songs by 21 artists, although interestingly, when I select "All Songs" it displays "Items 1-50 of 285".

The only other files in the music directory tree are .log files from EAC ripping, various M3U files which seem to get created by EAC and SS, and Shoutcast and Playlist directories.

So something can't count, somewhere ;-)

Trivial, I know ...

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* Steven Moore shaped the electrons to say...

>I noticed on the latest nightly that some albums with long names are
>not being picked up on rescan.

Steven - could you give me a little more information?

Running with --d_scan & --d_info would help.


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