View Full Version : Slimserver V5.4.1: Browsing by genre,

Daniel Born
2005-03-21, 09:41
Hi all,

This is my first post here. I've been using slimserver V5.4.x since December (with Softsqueeze for now but SB2 soon). I've updated recently to the official release of V5.4.1 and found this strange behaviour (I can't say for sure if this behaviour was there in previous releases):

I was browsing by genre and chose to play all songs. There was roughly 10 albums with around 100 songs to play. All albums got added in the natural order except for two that got their songs scattered all over the playlist for no apparent reason. Upon closer scrutiny of the tags (MP3s with ID3v1.1 & ID3v2.3 tags), I noticed that all the songs that were not added in the expected order, all had entries for the Composer tag and none of the others had any.

In the slimserver settings, I currently have all options to help find songs (include composers, bands, conductors in artist list & include artist name in title, etc...) turned on. I did not try this when turning off those settings & rescanning the database. I'm guessing it would work correctly though...?

Is this a known bug? Are you still taking bug reports for the V5 branch? I eventually plan to move to V6 (especially when I get the SB2) but I didn't have any success getting any of it to run reliably on my Buffalo Linkstation yet. So I'm kind of working with both right now (V5.4.1 to play music & V6 to play around with! ;-)


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