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2005-03-21, 07:11
Well Phil, I don't really know what to say. Other than that myself and many
others have had great success with the 5.x branch and haven't had the
problems you describe.

At one point I had an earlier 5.x release running on my 300mhz Celeron 256MB
RAM for about 3-4 months without ever having a single hiccup. It would slow
down a bit when browsing the music folder, and I never used the search
function, but it did work very well and never crashed or paused music
playback to two separate players.

My library is only about 7,000 tracks though, how big is your music library?

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> Jason wrote:
> > The overwhelming majority of users do not seem to have the problems
> > you have with the server crashing or grinding to a halt.
> >
> > It sounds like it might be worth your time to try Slimserver on
> > another machine.
> Perhaps I did overstate the unreliability of the 5.4 code.
> What I said certainly *does* apply in spades to all of the
> 6.x versions I've tried recently. None of them were at *all* usable.
> 5.4.0 does usually stay up for a day or two, and as long as I
> don't try to add stuff to the database it usually works
> modulo occasional, long and unexpected pauses in responding
> to even trivial commands from the remote control or the web
> interface, and unexplained and sometimes long interruptions
> while playing back FLAC files over a 100 Mb/s wired
> connection. Renicing the tasks up a few points usually gets
> rid of the pauses, but only at the expense of impairing other
> interactive processes on the same machine whenever slimserver
> does crunchy things like rescanning the music database.
> Speaking of which, when I add something to the database, or
> merely change a FLAC tag, I don't even bother with the
> "rescan" button as I know it probably won't work correctly. I
> just blow away the database and rebuild it from scratch.
> This is an otherwise solidly reliable 4U rackmount 3.2 GHz
> Pentium 4 running Linux 2.6.11, with 2 GB of ECC memory and
> 2.3 TB of EIDE and SATA disk storage organized into RAID-1
> and RAID-5 arrays. With that much memory, I don't bother with
> a swap partition, so VM thrashing is not a problem. The Antec
> box is loaded with big cooling fans, and internal
> temperatures are well controlled.

Phil Karn
2005-03-21, 18:31
Jason wrote:

> My library is only about 7,000 tracks though, how big is your music library?

Large. 17,115 files on two file systems. The average file size is large
since I use FLAC as my ripping standard, but I also have some mp3s, ogg,
shn and aac format files. The first file system presently contains about
159GB, the second contains 139GB.


Phil Karn
2005-03-21, 18:49
Dan Sully wrote:

> Phil - you've said repeatedly that 6.0 is crashing for you, but never
> elaborate how.

I'll give the latest 6.x version a try tonight and let you know.