View Full Version : Browser refresh causes AAC cut-offs (6.0b3)

Michael Robinson
2005-03-21, 03:46
Dan Sully wrote:-

>Michael - has the server finished scanning? There is also a cleanup task
>which runs right after scanning, depending on how large your collection is,
>it might take a few minutes.

Dan - I installed 6.0b3 over 16 hours ago and the SlimServer webpage still
says łThe server is now rescanning your Music Library.˛

I donąt have a particularly large music collection * about 1800 files * and
SlimServer is configured to use iTunes rather than a folder for the music

I see a number of other posts about the time taken to do scans with
SlimServer 6 and it looks as if I have the same problem.

Irrespective of this, the problem of getting cut-offs on AAC files when
doing a browser refresh looks to be the same between 5.4 and 6.

Is there any debug information I could collect to assist with this?

>>Well I tried 6.0b3 and had exactly the same problem ? in fact it is worse as
>>I got a cut-off every time I clicked a link on the SlimServer browser
>>interface ? not just during the periodic refreshes.
>>A workaround would be not to have the SlimServer browser interface running
>>while listening to music but I don?t really see why I should have to do
>>I took a look at the Activity Monitor on the Mac and the perl process was
>>continually running at >60% CPU occupancy so just about any browser activity
>>pushed the CPU to 100% when the cut-offs seemed to occur. There were no
>>other applications running on the Mac.

Dan Sully
2005-03-21, 09:26
* Michael Robinson shaped the electrons to say...

>Is there any debug information I could collect to assist with this?

Yes - could you turn on the following debug options:

--d_info & --d_itunes


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