View Full Version : Streaming Freeview Radio Stations To Squeezebox

Philip Downer
2005-03-21, 02:48
> On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 18:44:10 -0000, Jonathan P. Reardon
> <j.p.reardon (AT) talk21 (DOT) com> wrote:
> > Freeview) to a Squeezebox? The reason why I ask, is that
> for a lot of
> > stations I am interested in, the bitrate is significantly higher on
> > DVB than DAB.
> but you get local radio with DAB - swings and roundabouts.
> My slimserver box has a Nebula DTT card in it and i've been
> unable to find a way of streaming from that or any other DTT
> card. If i can get a DTT (or failing that DAB) solution in
> place i'll be ordering probably 2 more SB's.
> Ah. Looking at that USB box 130 seems stratospheric for what it is.
> 50 is my target price so i think i'll be waiting a while longer.
> Does it have a proper input for a rooftop aerial or just a
> trailing piece of wire?

It comes with a "proper" aerial, which has a SMA connector that is
5.5mm in diameter so you could easily use a different aerial that
has the same connector type.

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Philip Downer
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