View Full Version : Streaming Freeview Radio Stations To Squeezebox

Philip Downer
2005-03-21, 02:14
>> We have recently started importing a USB based DAB reciever which is
>> compatible with DABBar, whilst we do not sell the devices directly at
>> the moment, it is available through www.multitask-computing.co.uk.
> A couple of questions that come to mind:
> - Does this device suffer from the Windows XP SP2 problems that other
> USB based DAB devices seem to (e.g. Psion Wavefinder)?

No, the device does not suffer from any problems under XP SP2. We have
tested both the software that ships with it and DABBar under XP SP2.

> - Will it work on Windows 2003 (the OS of my Slim Server machine)?

I have been informed that it should work, but we have not tested it yet
We shall however test it today.

Kind Regards,

Philip Downer
Centroidal Systems Ltd.