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Michael Peters
2005-03-21, 00:47
For those testing Fedora Core 4 (Linux) - I'm working on an rpm spec
file for eventual inclusion in rpm.livna.org

It packages things differently than the standard SlimDevices supplied
rpm, the intention is to use system installed perl modules where
possible etc. and reduce what is in the CPAN directory.

This of course is completely unsupported by slim devices, some of the
perl modules will be different versions (I'm doing my best to make
sure same or newer) and some them may have patches applied by the
maintainers of the perl module etc. - so it's a situation where
problems should not reported to slim devices unless you _know_ it is
their problem (and you can only do that by using their install)

But there are benefits to doing things the "Fedora" way - automated
updates through yum, if there are security issues with any of the perl
modules - the Fedora maintainers fixing it and pushing it to updates
means that you don't still have the vulnerability in the slimserver -

What I presently have is at


Info page describing what I'm doing is at


That's what I'll be updating as I progress.
Currently it's a little difficult to install because some of the
needed perl modules in Fedora Rawhide have to be updated, and there's
a couple perl modules that have to get into Fedora Extras - but the
obvious goal is to make installation as simple as

yum install slimserver

Anyone using FC4Test series who wants to test or contribute is welcome.
I'm particularly eager to hear about it on x86_64 (amd64) - if the
perl modules from Fedora work, then slimserver should too.