View Full Version : Multi-Disc Sets: DISCNAME Tag?

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-20, 14:29
>DISC and DISCC are what SlimServer recognizes currently.
>DISC is the number of the DISC in a collection.
>DISCC is the total number of discs in that collection.
>If you have both of those, and ALBUM is the same on all the tracks,
>SlimServer gives you the
>choice if viewing all of those under one album, or will dynamically show
>you "Album (Disc 1)" or
>"Album (Disc 1 of 3)".

I know, it's what I'm using at the moment. However, I believe the original
poster was referring to cases where there are not only multiple discs in a
set but all of them have a title of their own, besides the title of the
overall album.

E.g. I have "Here And There" by Elton John, which consists of discs "London"
and "New York", named after the location of the live concert on them. If we
could find out what the most widely used tag for this was (probably DISCNAME
or DISCTITLE) then slimserver could show:

Here And There (Disc 1 - London)
Here And There (Disc 1 - New York)

in the album list for single mode, and:

Here And There

for for set mode, as it already does. The track listings would probably have

....from Here And There (Disc 1 - New York)

in single mode and:

....from Here And There (New York)

for set mode.