View Full Version : Browser refresh causes AAC cut-offs (6.0b3)

Michael Robinson
2005-03-20, 13:24
Well I tried 6.0b3 and had exactly the same problem * in fact it is worse as
I got a cut-off every time I clicked a link on the SlimServer browser
interface * not just during the periodic refreshes.

A workaround would be not to have the SlimServer browser interface running
while listening to music but I donıt really see why I should have to do

I took a look at the Activity Monitor on the Mac and the ³perl² process was
continually running at >60% CPU occupancy so just about any browser activity
pushed the CPU to 100% when the cut-offs seemed to occur. There were no
other applications running on the Mac.

>>I'd rather not try SlimServer 6 as a friend tells me it is still quite buggy.
>Michael - this issue has been addressed for 6.0. I do suggest you give it a
>try. We can only make 6.0 better if we know the issues with it, and right now
>there are many people using it without any problems.