View Full Version : Multiple Occurrences of Tags

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-20, 12:19
>I was wondering how SlimServer currently handles such multiple occurrences,
>and hopefully start a discussion of how it *should* handle them, if it is
>already ideal.

The status quo is that SlimServer only uses the last tag of each type, at
least that's the way for ARTIST.

As for how it should work... I'd be happy if there were an option like this:

"If multiple tags of the same type are present ..."
- "... treat first occurence as primary"
- "... treat last occurence as primary"
- "... treat as equal"

For the first two entries, only one entry in the ARTIST / ALBUM / whatever
list would be generated, for the last one, there'd be one entry per
occurence, all pointing to the same data. Song details would always list all