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Michael Robinson
2005-03-20, 11:12
I reported this issue back in November when 5.4.0 came out and had hoped it
would be better in 5.4.1 but I still have the same problem

System is:- G4 iMac OSX 10.3.8, SlimServer 5.4.1 using iTunes 4.7.1,

I get audio cut-offs on AAC files when the browser displaying the SlimServer
web interface does a refresh * either the default 30 second browser refresh
or a manual refresh.

The problem happens with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The problem happens when playing an AAC file * it doesnıt appear to happen
when playing a MP3 file.

The problem doesnıt appear to be related to the size of playlist * it
happens with one file in the playlist.

Looking at the Mac activity monitor, when a refresh happens, the browser
seems to grab well over 50% of the real time and the CPU maxes out.

The cut-offs only appear to happen when the SlimServer web interface is
refreshed * I donıt get cut-offs when refreshing another web-pages.

The debug logs shows the following when a cut-off occurs:
2005-03-20 17:43:00.9477 00:04:20:05:04:d6: Underrun while this mode: play

A workaround is obviously not to have the web-browser pointing at the
SlimServer when Iım listening to music but Iıd rather not be forced to do
this * I would have thought a G4 Mac would have more than enough horsepower
to run SlimServer playing AAC files and do a browser refresh.

Iıd rather not try SlimServer 6 as a friend tells me it is still quite

Any ideas? Iım happy to collect more debug information if someone could tell
me what is needed...

Dan Sully
2005-03-20, 11:16
* Michael Robinson shaped the electrons to say...

>I'd rather not try SlimServer 6 as a friend tells me it is still quite buggy.

Michael - this issue has been addressed for 6.0. I do suggest you give it a
try. We can only make 6.0 better if we know the issues with it, and right now
there are many people using it without any problems.


Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

Dan Sully
2005-03-20, 13:33
* Michael Robinson shaped the electrons to say...

>Well I tried 6.0b3 and had exactly the same problem Â* in fact it is worse as
>I got a cut-off every time I clicked a link on the SlimServer browser
>interface Â* not just during the periodic refreshes.
>A workaround would be not to have the SlimServer browser interface running
>while listening to music but I donÂıt really see why I should have to do
>I took a look at the Activity Monitor on the Mac and the perl process was
>continually running at >60% CPU occupancy so just about any browser activity
>pushed the CPU to 100% when the cut-offs seemed to occur. There were no
>other applications running on the Mac.

Michael - has the server finished scanning? There is also a cleanup task
which runs right after scanning, depending on how large your collection is,
it might take a few minutes.

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