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Steve Frawley
2005-03-20, 09:41
on 3/19/05 2:13 PM, kdf at slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com wrote:

> Quoting Steve Frawley <Steve (AT) Frawleys (DOT) com>:
>> I am running the 3/16 nightly on SliMP3's and the playlist menu is gone. I
>> went to the player setup and it was listed, so I thought I would remove and
>> re-add it for the players. I removed and there is no option to add it again.
>> I tried several interfaces, so I suspect a server problem.
> if you have no playlist dir set up in browse playlists, or not using any of
> the
> importers then this option wont be listed.
> Do these conditions exist for you?

Yes Kevin

I had a folder previously but reinstalls must have blown it out. I mostly
use iTunes lists. Doesn't it automatically use those when set to
automatically find the iTunes library?

Also, there used to be an option (PC anyway) to 'browse' to the music
library or playlist folder if manually setting it rather than entering long
convoluted paths. That was a major ease of use factor for the less
technically inclined and streamlined setup.

Also if the installer set default locations, a 'basic' setup wouldn't have
missing features that required 'mucking' to get operational.

Steve Frawley <Steve (AT) Frawleys (DOT) com>
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