View Full Version : Slimserver Crashing and Dotfiles - 2, help?

Marc N.Cannava
2005-03-20, 09:18
Hi all,

Quick question:

Before, I had posted that my WinXP installed Slimserver 6.0b1 reads
dotfiles in the music library, placed there from Macs which read the
directory via Samba. (These dotfiles are named identically to the .mp3
files, but with a dot in front of the name, which is why the Slimserver
scans them. These files store view information for the Macs that read
the directory.)

Slimserver, when run on Unix, ignores dotfiles. It seems to
specifically check to see if it's running on Windows to decide what to
ignore, and then reads the dotfiles inappropriately. I have checked the
preferences to see if there's any way to include a file pattern to
ignore, but that doesn't seem to be there.

Would it be possible to change this to tell Slimserver to ignore
dotfiles anyway? The problem is, Slimserver displays these dotfiles on
the playlist (strangely), and if you select a playlist that includes
one of these phantoms, the slimserver exits rather ungracefully.

Any info would be appreciated.. otherwise it really is impossible for
the Slimserver to run on WinXP in my installation.



mnc (AT) pobox (DOT) com
Marc N. Cannava