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Nick Walker
2005-03-20, 02:55
Does this mean the bug will be fixed or does it mean that the functionality
has changed and I will be unable to display messages on the slim devices I
have ?

... nick

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Quoting Nick Walker <nickwalker911 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com>:

> Hi
> either I am missing something or they may be a bug in version 6.0 that
> has affected the duration when sending text to the slim device.
> When I send text to a slim device the text inly briefly flashes on the
> display. In fact the longer I make the duration the shorter it seems
> to get ????
> I am sure this is only a small issue on the scale of things, but I
> make a lot of use of the display capability of the slim device as I
> have 5 slim device around the home.
> Is there a bit of a bug or has the syntax change in V6. Worked fine in
> V 5.4
This is likely related to a known bug:

showBriefly is broken, so you only get from the time the text is shown until
the next automatic refresh. This used to be a fixed 1s refresh, but recent
updates have made this more an 'as needed'. sometimes the refresh cycle is
very fast, thus your display messages are lost.