View Full Version : Can't get 6 b2 to work

Dan Speirs
2005-03-19, 18:06
Thanks... that seems to have done the trick. I must
have an older version of itunes updater which doesn't
respond to disabling it. I had to totally remove it
from the Plugins folder.


--- kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:
> Quoting Vidur Apparao <vidur (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com>:
> >
> > Dan,
> >
> > The problem seems related to the iTunesUpdate
> plugin. If the plugin
> > hasn't been updated to be 6.0 compatible, we
> should disable it by
> > default. The fact that it isn't disabled
> (seemingly even if you
> > explicitly disable it in the UI) seems like a
> problem. To get going,
> > however, I'd recommend removing iTunesUpdate.pm
> from your Plugins
> > directory and restarting SlimServer.
> >
> I havent seen the code for this plugin, so I'm just
> speculating. however, it is
> possible to force a plugin to be operating despite
> any efforts to disable. The
> Scrobbler plugin does this by forcing a
> setExecuteCallback that is called
> during the require, and does not comply with enable
> or disable. If this
> itunesUpdate is doing something like this as well,
> there is little that can be
> done aside from disabling it as a known bad module.
> -kdf