View Full Version : Bug: SlimServer 6.0b1 WinXP scans '.' files

Marc N.Cannava
2005-03-19, 15:09
Hi all,

I just noticed some behavior on 6.0b1 that I don't think happened

Running the Slimserver on Windows XP, my music library is Samba-shared
to a bunch of Macintoshes so they can also access the MP3 files
directly. Problem is, those Macs create dot-files in the directory to
store view preferences.

When Slimserver scans those directories on Windows and sees the dot
files, it includes the (invalid) dot files in my music library, because
those dot files end with MP3. Further, if I try to play a list (like,
"all albums") that includes one of those dot files, the server crashes

I noticed that when running the Slimserver on Linux, it knows enough to
ignore dot files.

How can I make the Slimserver ignore dot files in the music library
directory when running on Windows? Further, as a point of curiosity, is
there a way to set an exclude pattern so you could generically exclude
files that contain a certain pattern when the Slimserver scans the
music library?



mnc (AT) pobox (DOT) com
Marc N. Cannava