View Full Version : 'no album' slimserver 6

John Gorst
2005-03-19, 07:51
I have a listing in brose by album (player or web ui) called 'no album'

If I click or scroll into this album there are no tracks.
In the web ui (default skin) it says there are 10 songs by 1 artist -
but no songs are listed.

Do I have some songs somewhere which are tagged without an album (I cnat
find any) - or is this a slimserver 6 bug?


Michel Fombellida
2005-03-19, 08:12
Hi John,

I think it is a bug, with 5.4.1 it is correct (I am getting the same count for
album, artist and songs as in iTunes where I keep my library) with 6.0b1 and b2
I have 1 "no album", 1 "no artist", 1 "no genre" and it contains 2 "songs" that
cannot be found anyway. This is what I see in the server UI.

On the SB1G itself it is a bit different, the artists and composers are still
mixed which makes it very difficult to use.