View Full Version : Bug:1124 'Now playing (jump back on wake)' does not changewith song title change

John Gorst
2005-03-19, 06:05
Anyone else see this problem?

Problem: Now playing screen does not change when the song title changes
at teh end of each song.

How to recreate: Start playing a album from the player interface. Do not
press any more keys after that. Allow the 'now playing jump back on
wake' screensaver to kick in.

How to fix: use the 'now playing' screensaver without the 'jump back on

Other info: (dont know if this matters for recreation), default1 webui
is loaded, mandrake 10, sbg1, only notices when I upgraded to slimserver
6 over the last week or so, slimserver 6 nightly 18.3.5