View Full Version : Maybe buffer(1) would help against dropouts?

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-19, 04:42
While playing with mac yesterday (why is it not incuded for linux, anyway?)
I noticed that the decoder was slowed down to real-time (doh). Having a
program read a tiny bit of data and the stop when it needs the rest anyway
is not very efficient.

Could someone who gets dropouts und has the program 'buffer'available try
inserting it into the relevant convert.conf entry the end of the chain?
Ideally you'd set the buffer large enough to decode/transcode the whole file
in one go, memory permitting. The optimum blocksize is probably dependent on
the format you're buffering but shouldn't make much of a difference anyway.
See buffer(1) for details.

Sorry I can't test myself but I've yet to get a dropout :) If you still get
dropouts that way it really is a bandwidth / wireless problem and not server