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James Dunn
2005-03-19, 04:41

The RedHat 7.1/7.2 not being supported line seems a little strange. I presume that you've no issue with RH 7.1/7.2 if perl has been updated to a 5.8 level.

Cheers, James

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Subject: [slim] Announce: SlimServer 6.0b2

Announcing the second beta release of SlimServer 6.0

This release incorporates many performance and memory related fixes,
SoftSqueeze updates, and many other bug fixes.

Download here: http://www.slimdevices.com/download

Remember - please file any bug reports on http://bugs.slimdevices.com/



SlimServer 6.0 Beta 2 Release Notes:

Performance & Memory usage:

* Fixed a memory leak in non-streaming HTTP response.

* Fixed a memory leak in iTunes scanning/rescanning.

* Fixed a memory leak in Music Folder scanning/rescanning.

* Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl (Ogg Scanning) - 18x speedup.

* Dynamically include Format modules - most users will only need a few.

* Only poll for UDP packets if there is a SLIMP3 connected.

* Timer improvements from Adrian.

* The Now Playing playlist (Web UI) is now generated only when changed.

Should fix / alleviate the 100% CPU issue.

* Fixed load time for "All Albums" / "All Tracks" & All within a Genre.

* Only load the MoodLogic plugin on Windows.

* Don't generate the 'genre_count' unless we're on the Hitlist - it's expensive.


* Updated German translations from Michael Herger

* Updated Spanish translations from Nestor


* Syncing between a SB1 and SB2 now works.


* Updated to Softsqueeze 2.0a13

* Many bugs fixed - need to get a list from Richard.

Platform Support:

* We do not support Redhat 7.1 or 7.2 - these OSes have broken Perl builds.

* We do not support the EIS Linux package - it also has a broken Perl build.

* Fixed support for Perl 5.6.x users and ISO-8859-1 languages.


* iTunes: Don't load 'Library' as a playlist.

* MusicMagic: Remote access settings are confusing and only work for very specific cases.
Support has been removed.


* Updates for Fishbone, Handheld and Touch.

* ExBrowse2 - now uses XSLT to parse search results - Jacob Potter.

Known Issues:

* Artists or Albums with '*' in the string cause the Player UI to behave strangely.

* MusicMagic connection settings need to be exposed when plugin is enabled, even
though connection cannot be established.

* Not all skins have been updated to use browsedb. (xmlTelCanto may be broken.)

* Streaming to a SB1 using OSX Tiger has dropouts. Panther works fine.

* Browsing Music Folder is very slow - with lots of top level directories

Bugs fixed:

# 121 - Shuffle by album always plays the same album first

# 441 - Named pipe with a known audio extension hangs server

# 459 - Some languages display bogus dates & times.

# 678 - Tune in page: trying to tune in to any station causes script errors.

# 721 - Shoutcast plugin writing directly into /

# 761 - WMA lossless (and reportedly other WMA formats) play in mono!

# 796 - Web Interface Bugs - songcount

# 866 - Date of file on songinfo is today's date, not file's date.

# 869 - Muted playback.

# 881 - Alphabetic inconsistencies.

# 907 - Pressing buttons while player is in standby makes things blip on to the screen.

# 916 - Search results shouldn't show * in query

# 917 - When in Browse menu, pressing PLAY or ADD should play or add the item selected.

# 942 - Live Search song result missing artist and album links.

# 963 - Max volume should be unity gain.

# 973 - Clicking play in web interface on an artist that only has one album puts tracks in wrong order.

# 979 - disabledPlugin keeps adding pref.

# 986 - locale en_US.UTF-8 will crash SS when using perl 5.6

# 987 - Live Search/Manual Search confusion.

# 988 - Backspace in Live Search doesn't refresh.

# 989 - Live Search ignore search within words pref.

# 992 - Web and player UI not updating - 03/09 nightly

# 993 - Special character not sorted properly in web ui artist browse.

# 994 - Need to add FLAC transcoding rules to convert.conf for SB2.

# 995 - SS v6.0b1 scanning library glacially slow.

# 997 - $ds->objectForUrl(Slim::Player::Playlist::song($client) )->title() returns stream name instead of songtitle

#1007 - Playlist view: empty "by".

#1008 - Artists are not de-duplicated for different capitalisations.

#1009 - Menus not functioning correctly.

#1010 - SB2 connects to SqueezeNetwork even though a SlimServer was selected.

#1012 - Need to add ppc-linux Perl 5.8 binaries (for LinkStation users).

#1013 - Now playling track does not update when scrolling.

#1016 - Squeezebox should detect if a server's IP address has changed.

#1027 - Mute does not work.

#1029 - Server should send STREAMINFO header with FLAC stream.

#1030 - FLAC decoding parameters could be improved to avoid bug.

#1032 - SB2 will not play music after switching servers without rebooting.

#1033 - Trying to save a read-only playlist causes server to crash.

#1034 - radioio: urls that are saved into playlists show up with albums and artists in web.

#1037 - Server crash on parsing cue file.

#1038 - Every time a new softsqueeze is opened on the PC it is IDed as a new player.

#1055 - sendFrame function missing in SLIMP3.pm player module.

#1057 - Softsqueeze2 should play nicer with SlimServer 5.4 and 6.0.

#1059 - Web interface hogging CPU.

#1063 - Can't view all results from multi-page advanced search.

#1069 - fade_volume broken.

#1082 - Handheld skin / Search Music crashes server.

#1083 - Playing items from autocomplete search results broken with multiple players.

#1087 - Non-livesearch searches, album results don't work.

#1088 - Selecting iTunes menu from SB crashes server.

#1089 - ID3 tag display error on Squeezebox.

#1118 - Browse playlist not showing with iTunes & no playlist directory.

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