View Full Version : SlimServer (multiple versions) seems to scan iTunes musicforever, apparently circularly

Jeff Moore
2005-03-18, 16:37
Platform: Mac OS X 10.3.8, dual-2.0GHz G5

I have this problem which I first noticed after I installed SlimServer
6.0b1, but that may well be just a coincidence. Once the server
started, it kept using cycles corresponding to about 100% of one CPU
(except at the beginning, when apparently throttled by disk-read
bandwidth). I tried various restartings, cache-clearings,
prefs-clearings and installations of other versions (including the
production 5.4.1 and the 18 March 5.4.1 nightly build). Same behavior.
I turned on d_server and d_itunes, and watched the log some; it just
seemed to be scanning infinite iTunes music files. I picked a
particular file, and grepped for its "normalized" line in the log; it
was recurring at intervals.

Am I correct in assuming that any given track file should only be
scanned once?

I did a find through the tree holding the actual music files, looking
for symlinks, in case there was some sort of weird symlink-induced
circularity; no symlinks.

I checked the filesystem with Disk Utility, assuming that an fsck should
find any circular hard-linking; no warnings.

I don't know how to validate the iTunes xml file.

I just restarted the SlimServer without iTunes active, and it didn't
gobble CPU. I started iTunes, played something, and exited (so
presumably iTunes rewrote its library file); the SlimServer started
chugging away full-tilt (process 'perl' using 98% CPU) and shows no sign
of stopping unless I bonk it over the head.

Any idea what I should be looking for? Some sort of timestamp anomaly?
(The system time is NTP-synched). A malformed iTunes lib xml file? Any


Jeff Moore