View Full Version : New stations added to Slim Devices' Picks

Christopher Jacob
2005-03-18, 13:28
> And I just learned that WHFS out in Washington DC changed from alt-rock to
> Spanish a few months ago. I lived in the DC area for five years in the
> 90s.
> Sigh.

Ah.... WHFS... In it's day one of the best radio stations ever. (I grew up
in Baltimore, and now live up the road in Frederick)

It is true... at 12 noon one day they just switched to Spanish radio. No
announcement, no transition, no nothing.

While over it wasn't a big deal to lose the programming (they have pretty
much sucked the last few years) it was a blow to lose the legendary call
letters that have been on the air in the area since the 60's. (HFS actually
stood for High Fidelity Stereo)

Not all is lost... AOL started streaming "HFS" music at www.whfs.com and a
talk station in Baltimore http://www.live1057.com picked up the letters and
added the programming in the evening.

Now, lets just see if they can restore the HFS-tival to all it's glory!