View Full Version : Streaming Freeview Radio Stations To Squeezebox

Jonathan P. Reardon
2005-03-18, 11:34
> We have recently started importing a USB based DAB reciever which is
> compatible with DABBar, whilst we do not sell the devices directly at
> the moment, it is available through www.multitask-computing.co.uk.

> http://www.multitask-computing.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_i
> d=306&osCsid=3acd227451d9149a0aba9e8db1b43838

A couple of questions that come to mind:

- Does this device suffer from the Windows XP SP2 problems that other USB based DAB devices seem to (e.g. Psion Wavefinder)?

- Will it work on Windows 2003 (the OS of my Slim Server machine)?


Jon Reardon