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Patrick Dixon
2005-03-18, 10:01
OK - but too late not to remove it ;-).

If you get a chance, might be worth updating the Installation.txt, although I'm probably the only person who's ever read it anyway ...

So when /etc/slimserver.conf is created at install (by root), presumably it needs 666 permissions so that any slimserver user can update it?

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>Not sure if this is a bug, but I just thought I'd point it out:
>The Installation.txt says that if /etc/slimserver.conf is deleted the
>software will reset to default values. Only problem is that it does this by
>writting new the values to ~/.slimsever.conf. Then, because
>/etc/slimserver.conf doesn't exist, the slimserver daemon bombs out.
>Wouldn't it be better to recreate the defualts as /etc/slimserver.conf?

Yes - but the user running SlimServer may not have permissions to do so.

If SlimServer was installed via RPM (as root), then it can create the initial
/etc/slimserver.conf file. Instead of removing that to clear out your config, try this instead:

cp /dev/null /etc/slimserver.conf

Which zeros out the file.

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