View Full Version : DB corruption again

Christian Pernegger
2005-03-18, 09:41
>Rescan stops now after 50 mins which is long but an improvement but I am
>still seeing 70% cpu
>usage under normal conditions.

It's a lot faster here but still takes close to 100% of both CPUs (Athlon MP
1600 Mhz) while it works.

On another note, who's in favor of scrapping live search? With recent
nightlies it works 2 times out of 3 for me, but only if I don't type too
fast or use backspace because I mis-typed. Most of the time I have to hit
the button, which then returns empty results. (I might get an artist with no
albums or an album with no songs - count is correct, though) This is on
Firefox 1.01.

I think a web interface is just not a very 'live' medium. I'm fine with
having to hit enter and getting a results page.