View Full Version : Streaming Freeview Radio Stations To Squeezebox

Philip Downer
2005-03-18, 08:52
> Two questions:
> * the referenced page specifically mentions Squeezebox2; is that just
> being excessively up-to-date, or is there some reason why it is -not-
> compatible with Squeezebox1?

The reference page is as you say, just being excessively up to Date.
Streaming via http will work fine with version 5.4 of Slimserver and
with Squeezebox 1.

> * can this be used (with SlimServer) with OS X or Linux systems, or
> only on Windows?

The device currently only has drivers for Microsoft Windows, so it will
need to be connected via usb to a Windows PC on your network but it can
stream via http to a Linux or OS X computer running SlimServer.

Please note that DABBar is needed for the http streaming support and
whilst it is freely available, we do not ship with it.

Kind Regards,

Philip Downer
Centroidal Systems Ltd.