View Full Version : Skin cosmetics (Default & Fishbone)

Mike Reeve
2005-03-18, 07:42

SlimServer_v2005-03-17.dmg + OS X 10.3.8 + Safari 1.2.4

A couple of (low priority) issues relating to skin cosmetics ...

(1) Default Skin

When navigating down through music,
say Browse Artists -> 'An Artist' -> 'An Album',
the path (Home/Browse Artists/'An Artist'/'An Album') is displayed
as buttons and one can back-track anywhere up the path
using the appropriate button.

When one reaches a particular song
the path is shortened to Home/'A Song',
and the only way back up the path is by using
the browser's back button.

This doesn't seem very consistent,
I can see that one might not want to display the full path
((Home/Browse Artists/'An Artist'/'An Album'/'A Song')
because of the limited width of the server panel
- although would be the most consistent.

If not the full path then perhaps a back button (like Fishbone)
- or even Home/Back ...?

(2) Fishbone

(a) If I go to Statistics from the player panel
and then return to Playlist
all I then see is literally the playlist
- the palyer controls etc. are not displayed :-O

(b) A small comment/suggestion on/for the 'backlights' to
the Play, Stop & Pause buttons:
At the moment all the buttons light up red when that mode is selected.
Perhaps they could be the more standard (?) green for Play,
red for Stop & orange for Pause ...?