View Full Version : Loss of network leads to deep misery

2005-03-18, 06:24
I finally got my second SB installed a couple of days ago, and with great
excitement fired it all up, played a couple of mp3s, then tried to play some
internet radio.

Result was 'lost connection with slimserver'; and a three minute lock-out.
I tried again, same result. Wired squeezebox, so I was a bit surprised. I
tried the other (wireless) SB - same result. VNC'd into the server, and
found it seemed to be running fine.

To cut a long story short, after going down several false trails (it wasn't
because I'd just added a second SB; nor because I've been working my way
slowly towards getting AlienBBC installed) I discovered that evening that my
broadband connection was down. Nothing to do with SlimServer at all.

The consistent behaviour was that if either SB asked for some internet
radio, there was a 3 minute lockout during which the whole system was

I don't expect this to bite me too often (first failure in a year) - but my
point is, although obviously you shouldn't be trying internet radio if you
don't have a connection, should this actually cause such disruption?
Couldn't SlimServer display the fact that it's not getting anything, and
remain responsive to the remote so that the user can cancel, rather than
appearing to lock up?

I understand that v6 introduces more threading anyway, so this may be moot
(and so I haven't bugzilla'd anything); but in case not, I raise the query.

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