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2005-03-18, 05:51
I've observed this behavior too. In fact my girlfriend wanted to listen to
the Black Eyed Peas the other night and it wouldn't come up with 3/4 of the
B entries under browse--> artist. I finally had to resort to browsing the
music folder to find it. This is via the IR remote control.

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> The DB code and / or the search code are in dire need of an audit.
> I ripped a new album today, copied it to my music folder and
> hit rescan.
> Some time later I actually want to listen to some stuff, but
> upon entering 'elton' in search music=>search artists via the
> remote I don't get Elton John, I get Alanis Morissette, who
> is allegedly the artist for most of my anime soundtracks and
> a few Elton John tracks. Same results with live search on the
> web interface - the associations between artists, albums and
> songs seem nearly randomized.
> This is on a nightly from a few days ago
> (SlimServer_v2005-03-16.no-cpan-tar), can't tell you the
> exact version because the web interface does not show a
> revision anymore, just a lonely 0 a line _below_ the
> 'SlimServer Version: 6.0b1' The slimserver worked fine
> yesterday evening and I haven't touched it or the server
> machine since then.
> Basically I have been having problems with every rescan - I
> just default to deleting the db now when I add something.
> Seeing as I don't have a version number anymore, something's
> corrupting more than the db.
> C.