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Craig, James (IT)
2005-03-18, 05:32
Is this SlimServer v6.0 or 5.4?
A few people have seem problems with net related plugins no longer
working on 6.0


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Subject: [slim] POP3 Email Check on Windows

Trying to get Email.pm working on a windows machine.
Installed Active perl and Net::POP3
If I break out the doFetch sub into a stand alone perl script and take
out the
if Slim::Buttons check and addToList(@$msgContent); call ...The section
to work....debug shows conecting, number of mails etc.

Running slim.exe -d_plugins shows all plugins load without problems
but as soon as it goes to check the pop3 I get
"Couldn't connect to pop3 server: (mailservername-removed-obviously) at
C:/Program Files/SlimServer/server/Plugins/Email.pm line 158."

anyone actually got this working with windows?