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Craig, James (IT)
2005-03-17, 10:21
Done so (1116).

Also should let everyone else know my 6.0 memory usage has dropped 20Mb
in the last couple of days (from 70Mb to 50Mb) so obviously you guys are
still hard at work there.


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* Craig, James (IT) shaped the electrons to say...

>I suggested this as a performance enhancement on a related bug - I
>it's a good idea.
>Someone should raise an enhancement request...
>Otherwise one could write some sort of parser that isolates the
>section of the iTunes XML and point Slim at this?

James - I saw this in your bug last night, and think it's a fantastic
Please file a feature request for it. It likely won't make it into 6.0,
shortly after.

I have a number of iTunes / Memory / Performance tweaks in progress as

There is no emergency. Nothing to see here. Move along.